Whiter Shade of Pale

Long Black Vest; Zara | Oversize Runway Print T-shirt; Wilfry | Black Nylon Leggings; American Apparel | Black Leather Flatform Creepers; T.U.K.



I wish I was a minimal dresser. Girls that put outfits together like that on a regular basis always look so polished and aloof. It’s a beautiful aesthetic. I had a video interview earlier in the day, and I think I nailed it with a white cotton tunic instead of a men’s fashion week shirt. Hopefully it impressed them more than it did me because obviously it didn’t stick. Before going out I had to change into a more “me” ensemble. It’s pretty hard to look innocent or normal when you’re walking around in heavy buckled creepers and the weirdest bag seen by man.

Adding a third piece of clothing is a fool proof way to breathe life into an outfit. Anyone can wear just a bottom and a top. It’s generic. Adding a vest makes it something completely different. Imagine if I’d worn my bright red military waistcoat instead. Completely different effect. Long vests/sleeveless trenches are having a moment right now though. I’m in love with the deconstructed feeling it gives. Especially with this vest because it’s completely open at the sides. it polishes everything up but maintains a bit of an edge.

You can totes nab mine from T.U.K. because they’re still around. There’s gobs of slightly different options from Ash, Opening Ceremony, or Vince.

Generally, I am not a fan of creepers. They look sloppy to me. This isn’t me declaring war on them, I just can’t get on board myself. DollsKill changed my mind slightly with these shoes from T.U.K. though. It probably has something to do with how narrow and pointed they are. My feet are freakishly narrow and these little babies do them all the favours. Did I mention how comfy they are? I could seriously walk around in these for days.

I wish I could give you more information on the bag. I can’t even give you similar styles. Here’s what I do know: it’s Dolce & Gabbana runway, the straps try to strangle me from time to time, it’s heavy, and it’s fairly old. Fully functioning snaps cover the entire bag on both sides. You can snap it in any configuration you want, but I always keep it loose because I like the oversized look. When I found it in some random secondhand shop, I immediately fell in love. It was too special to let it go to some horrible girl in a fake tan. This bag needed someone as weird as it. Now it belongs to me. The TSA and its x-rays hate this bag. Apparently it looks like some dangerous monster all wadded up in the bottom of my suitcase. Whoops. Actually, if you know anything about this bag, I would love to know. I’ve scoured the internet for information about its age and the collection it was a part of, nada. Maybe I have the only one.


If you wanna try a long black vest there are so many great options out there from Zara, Vince Camuto, Runway2Street, H&M, Topshop, or Alexander Wang.
I’m thinking about setting my head out to rust. You know…dying it red. I’ve actually been dying it since I was 11, but we’re pretty sure my natural colour is some form of dark, soulless ginger. Pretty sure.
I found this t-shirt at Wasteland in LA last year. That place is a fluffin’ wonderland of beautiful brands you’ve never heard of. If you find yourself in Lala Land, I definitely recommend a pitstop. Go here instead of Melrose. Way more bang for your buck, and you don’t have to look at the nouveau riche.

Soon I will be doing a beauty post because I’m such a babe. Haha. No, seriously. Some of you have been asking about my eyebrows and how I stay so milky. Keep your eyes out for that.

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