The Triumphant Return of Tank Girl

Tank Girl Comic Book Release

Tank Girl, the obsession of every bad little girl from the 80s and 90s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go educate yourself immediately before I revoke your “cool girl” card! Go grab the first book (or the whole shabam) and get acquainted with Lori Petty’s perfect movie version. Thank me later.

Hopefully you know about Tank Girl already. She’s a beer chugging baddie from the Australian outback with a penchant for torn up clothes, missile bras, and criminal activity. Rebecca Buck (that’s her real name) is the antihero this messed up world deserves. Part Mad Max, a dash of riot grrrl culture, and then soak all of that in something mildly unpleasant. Teamed up with her mutant kangaroo boyfriend, Booga, and she’s a terrifying force you don’t want to reckon with. She’s wonderful. Please note that she is far, far, far from kid friendly. Don’t let your little ankle biters know about her unless you want them to pick up a whole new vocabulary. Not all comics are for kiddos.

Alan C. Martin has stayed on, writing for all the books, but the artist changes frequently. Jamie Hewlett, the original artist and co-creator, had to go on and help form a little band called the Gorillaz. I think he’s forgiven. Most recently, the torch has been passed to Brett Parson. He started with 21st Century Tank Girl and now it’s on to a new series, Two Girls One Tank.

Tank Girl Two Girls One Tank Titan Comics
Variant covers on fleek.

This new incarnation of Tank Girl is no disappointment. I’ve been on the edge of my seat for months waiting for its release. Parson’s artwork is noticeably polished for a Tank Girl comic. Not that it’s a bad thing! It definitely works. The Tank Girl art of old was chaotic, messy, and grungy. Some of it a little too much for my taste. This newer look works though.

In Two Girls One Tank, everything goes pear shaped pretty quickly. The tank is stolen, there’s a fake Tank Girl, some guy sells everyone out, Booga is in a very slow toy tank, and there are cops everywhere. It’s not lookin’ good for anyone. Talk about that first step being a doozy. The storyline is pretty tame compared to the older books though. There’s a cohesive plot instead of a disorganized, anarchic frenzy. So far everything seems pretty airtight for newcomers, so this is also a great place for people unfamiliar with the backstory to start (but you should immerse yourself in that backstory either way, ya heard).

All in all, I love it. It’s a whole new Tank Girl. It’s 21st century Tank Girl after all. There’s stuff in there for old fans as well as new. 10/10, would recommend.

Tank Girl Two Girls One Tank Titan Comics Ghost Variant

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