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I did it. I know everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for my success story (or failure story if you’re evil). Well, it went wonderfully. My dad had two bowls, my mom heaped praise on me, and the boyfriend is getting a little bowl of leftovers tomorrow.

As this is my first cooking post, I didn’t really take step by step photos because that’s not really what I’m aiming for. I’m not a cook and I have no desire to be. I don’t even know exact measurements because I went by taste. My “recipe” was a hybrid of two that I found: Momofuku (via Momofuku For 2) and Saveur. I trusted the Momofuku recipe the most because I love David Chang. My own ramen addiction rivals his. Saveur simmered chicken wings (I used thighs) in the stock for a really rich and fatty broth, which is exactly what I wanted. This whole “learning to cook ramen” kick I’m on is mostly fueled by the broth. I want to know the secrets. So I poured my heart into this broth and it was worth it.

The broth was mostly the Saveur recipe and the ground pork stayed true to Momofuku. The bamboo was my own addition because it’s usually my favourite part of ramen. I really wanted to add some bok choy but the grocery store was out for some reason and I wasn’t feeling cabbage or mushrooms tonight. Moody tastebuds.

Overall it was a huge success. I thought ramen was extremely intimidating but it really isn’t. I’m by no means a master and my broth definitely has room for improvement, but I’m super pleased with my first time. Now time to watch the timeless classic, Ramen Girl.

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