Adventures in Fairyland: Reinventing Fairy Bread

I posted a photo of my Sunday ritual on Instagram (look up there, that’s it); people went insane for my electric blue morning treat. What is it? How do you make it? Where did it come from? I am here to reveal all.

Fairy Bread is nothing new; a popular treat from the mysterious lands of Australia, it’s the red carpet star of Tumblr and Instagram alike. Typically it is made with un-toasted white bread, margarine (ew), and those hard, circular sprinkles that long to crack tooth enamel. I loved the idea of it and sweets sit better on my stomach in the harsh light of morning. The path had been laid before my feet, I only had to take a few tentative steps to be in fairyland. I jumped in headfirst and added a flourish.

I hate margarine, so that was the first thing to go. Icing. Yes. Blue? Even better! The sprinkles obviously had to stay, but I opted for the softer variety. Bonus points for fun shapes. Then came the bread. Gummy, un-toasted white bread. Am I an heathen? No, I am not. To up the decadence factor I went with toasted brioche slices, essentially making this a slap-and-dash cake.

Pair with orange juice (or mimosa), settle in with a whimsical book, and experience the wonder of Fairy Raptor Bread.

Check out the [easiest] recipe ever below.

Under the Weather


Boy, oh boy. I’ve been missing in action and very much under the weather. It’s no secret that I suffer from an inflammatory autoimmune disease known as Ulcerative Colitis, and it likes to sneak up on me at the most inopportune times. Lately I’ve been laid up at my parents’ house trying to recuperate. We’re pretty sure Jonathan’s apartment has some fun things that all old buildings have (radon, asbestos, lead, etc), and they’ve been bringing me down. I hate being sick, especially this kind of sick. Getting out of bed can be a monumental task.

My recovery is involving a lot of reading. I stocked up on my weird magazines, moved all my books with me, and reinstated my library card. When I visited my library I was amused to discover that not one single librarian has changed since I graduated high school. It’s like a weird little time capsule. I’m a fairly intense person, and get upset very easily, so working in any capacity has been put on a back burner for now. My health is improving a bit each day though, so I should be back in full fighting form soon enough.

For now I shall read about things I can’t afford, places that don’t exist, and times long past.


The Triumphant Return of Tank Girl

Tank Girl Comic Book Release

Tank Girl, the obsession of every bad little girl from the 80s and 90s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go educate yourself immediately before I revoke your “cool girl” card! Go grab the first book (or the whole shabam) and get acquainted with Lori Petty’s perfect movie version. Thank me later.

New Comic Book Day


It’s a smaller day for me and I’m super friggin’ grateful. Some of my series are wrapping up too. Always bittersweet; ultimately it saves me money but it’s the end. I always hold off on reading the last one for months. I just now read the last Limbo. I’m definitely doing a whole post for that comic. It is hands down one of my all-time favourite comics. Caspar Wijngaard is an artistic genius. Mmmf. So good.

But today! Yay! Today! New comics.