Starbucks and the Pink Drink

Starbucks Pink Drink Secret Menu Strawberry Acai Soy Milk

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Self-proclaimed hipster, Molly, goes to Starbucks. Ask me if I care. I’m pretty snobby when it comes to coffee, but I will always have mad love for Starbucks. Especially when a strawberry milk of sorts came to play in the form of the #PINKDRINK.

The “Secret Menu” of Starbucks is far from a secret. You can create overly sweet concoctions that mimic Butter Beer, Almond Joys, English toffee, and everything in between. I’m not a fan of sweets in general. It makes my teeth hurt. That’s why I even had to change the original Pink Drink to suit my mellow tastebuds.


Originally it was supposed to have coconut milk, and I did try that. Sadly it put the neighbourhood hummingbird in a diabetic coma. So, I had this incredibly genius idea. Soy milk instead. Oh boy! Coconut milk makes it taste like a Jollyrancher candy. It’s a-okay if you’re into that sorta thing. Opting for soy makes it a creamy dreamy experience though. It tastes very similar to strawberry milk, but the açai makes it just different enough. If the coconut milk version is called Pink Drink, I guess I should christen my creation. Feel free to call it the Pinkie and the Brain. Why not? I’ll let all Atlanta Starbucks employees know.

Since I still am a snotty little hipster, I felt like a complete loser when I was ordering this complicated drink. The first time I ordered it the man just stared at me like he was expecting me to morph into Paris Hilton, and present him with 15 chihuahuas. I don’t feel like a silly little Bratz Doll anymore though! I rock my order. Why yes, I do want a riotous pink drink, and I want it VENTI.

So go forth, my minions. Go forth and drink the #PinkDrink. Confuse a Starbucks barista near you.

Starbucks Pink Drink Secret Menu Strawberry Acai Soy Milk

Starbucks Pink Drink Secret Menu Strawberry Acai Soy Milk

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