Sneak Peek With Lithium Press


We touched on my pin obsession before, so I was obviously thrilled when my boyfriend decided to launch Lithium Press. I even get to help because I’m a treasure trove of completely bonkers ideas! Oh boy, oh boy. If that’s not enough for ya, how about a Mollociraptor x Lithium Press collaboration…


I’ve been helping design a set of three pins that represent the Mollociraptor name. Obviously one of those images is my velociraptor skull. Why stop at just the skull though? Pin design is all about the absurd, and Mollociraptor deserves to be a melting pile of hotness! Full details will be released when everything is complete, but I can tell you that they will all be amazing.

Back to Lithium Press. Jonathan and I noticed some gaps in the pin market; things we really wanted but didn’t exist. The obvious next step is to start a business. It focuses on nerd culture and retro design with pins featuring Cowboy Bebop characters and a Wildberry Pop-Tart. There are so many ideas on the drawing board but he’s starting small. If you go to the website there are some pre-sales live right now, and you can scoop ’em up before they have a chance to sell out. You should definitely take advantage of that or be a sad panda forever.

More details and an official release date for the Mollociraptor x Lithium Press Collection will be unveiled soon-ish.

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