Rexy the Coach Dino


When I was approached by Coach to help promote their new line of dinosaur goodies…I screamed. Mostly in disbelief at first, but slowly I started to realize that they really wanted me. I’m still screaming, but it’s more of an excited shriek now. (You should send sympathy candy and earplugs to my boyfriend.)

If you can’t tell from my name, I adore dinosaurs. I wanted to be a paleontologist, and I still kinda do, but it’s not practical for me. So, I live the dream through Jurassic Park, science journals, and paleontology tomes…and now through Coach’s most recent collection. Rexy is the star, but it features a rather debonair stegosaurus, and a very regal wooly mammoth. I was given a choice, and I went with the star of the show, REXY.

Even better, when the official “holiday movie” came out, it featured one of my favourite Billy Idol songs (albeit sung by someone that is not Billy Idol). Rexy tearing up the workshop, dancing his heart out, and finally making it out in the big city; I couldn’t have done it any better myself.

Today, December 8, Rexy will have his very own filter on Snapchat. While the Rexy Puzzle is completely sold out, you can still have fun with that wiggly dinosaur that has completely stolen my heart. He’s STILL sitting in that pile of Christmas lights, because he refuses to move. I cannot say no to his little face.

Of course, there are so many things still available, and I don’t think you want to miss out on it. I will be featuring the most dinocentric outfit I can dream up later this week, because the Rexy Puzzle isn’t the only thing Coach sent me. Eek. I’m STILL losing my mind.

This is, obviously, a promotional post for Coach. I’m legally required to say that. So, in case you were somehow unaware, this is an ad.

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