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Have you fallen for enamel pins as hard as I have? They are everywhere and there’s friggin’ millions of them. I don’t have a bank account that can support this addiction. I thought I did but numerous $25 orders add up even if you think they don’t. So now, I’m broke but my jackets look like a million bucks. Whoops.

My boyfriend and I are so addicted that he’s starting a press (like everyone else it seems) because there were pins we wanted that didn’t exist. Quick fix? Start a business and get to imagining. Later this month Lithium Press will be available to the masses. Will a Lithium x Mollociraptor collaboration be in the works? You bet your eyebrows it will. Heehee. More about that at a later date though.

For today…lets look at some of my favourite pin companies and a selection of my collection. Selection of my collection. Teehee. I rhymed.

PDX (1 of 11)
Ouija & The Craft; Punky Pins | Snorlax and Chill; The Sunday Co

When I say there are tons of presses, companies, and weird little super stores…I am not kidding. It’s intimidating, overwhelming, and wonderful. Currently I’m just working on my denim jacket collection which centers around being mean. Next up…I have dreams of this hot pink leather motorcycle jacket. I don’t even like pink, so I can’t explain why other than I think it’ll look cool. I want all of my sweet and witchy stuff to go on that.

Wanna get started? How about some of my favourite companies and designers. So many people have a few pins, like Literary Emporium, they have two. I’m gonna direct you to some places that specialize in enamel porn.

Robin Eisenberg: Ok. This chick is itIt’s like a pastel goth, technicolor dream come true. Best part? She’s a nerd. I found her buying Christmas presents for my X-Files obsessed boyfriend. It started an extreme love affair with her work. Everything is designed by her and it’s all so yummy. I’m sure you’ve seen her work floating around on Tumblr and Instagram (hopefully with credit…people suck though). Definitely my favourite.

Little Arrow: I blame this company for me wanting a pink leather jacket. They make me feel like a girly little cupcake. Everything is pastel and unicorn all over. Their rotary phone pins gained them a lot of buzz on Instagram and the rest is history. I’m still waiting on my order. Cannot wait to share what I nabbed.

Gimme Flair: I’m warning you now, go to this website when you’re flush with cash. You will want everything. They stock the best of the best. You will swoon all over the place. Half my pin collection came from here because they make it so darn easy. Stuff does sell out on here really fast though. They say who designed everything though and sometimes the actual artists have some stock left. Bonus points for having a sick sticker collection.

Valley Cruise
Witchy Hand & Groovy; Valley Cruise Press

Nacho Scratcho: These are just plain fun and weird. This makes it on here purely for the Slide pin because Marla Singer is life. Definitely has a darker vibe but just as good as everything else because of the fun twists. Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz as aliens? Chyeah!

Valley Cruise Press: Fun story. I discovered this company in a comic book store in Silverlake. I bought a trippy little zine with wizards and mushrooms. The company offered some crazy stuff and then the pin craze started. They do it better than almost anyone. Their puffy shirt pin was one of the first on the scene and they haven’t slowed down. I worship this company.

Wink Pins: Heehee. This is definitely stuff for my mythical pink leather motorcycle jacket. Jellyfish and happiness. I love these little Etsy designers too. You know you’re supporting someone who rocks.

Sweet and LovelyNerd vibes all damn day, son! Dinosaurs, Liz Lemon, X-Files. Check, check, and check. Not enamel but don’t let that stop you. Those patches are on point.

Big Bud Press: Cute, bright, and an affinity for marijuana. Of course you’re gonna want everything. Go for the enamel but stay for everything. Their silk bombers are my must have of the moment. Wiener dogs even play a part which is great because I have one of those too!

Ok! I think you’re ready to start your own collection. Right? If I ruin your life and bank account…I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a box to live in on my lawn. I’ll feed you grapes and tell you how nice your pins look. It’ll be a great life.

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Cactus & Teepee; Valley Cruise Press | Go Away! I’m Reading; Literary Emporium
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Patsy Stone; Laissez Flaire

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