PDX Pt. 1: Power of Voodoo

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Basically, the second we can, we’re moving to Portland. I am not a southern girl by any means. The heat gets to me, humidity shouldn’t exist, those aren’t mountains, don’t put sugar in that tea, etc. Atlanta was never meant for me. My entire family is from Colorado on over. I just have to get outta here.

About a month ago, we went back to play around in Portland some more. Our first trip we somehow missed out on Voodoo Doughnut, even though we drunkenly wandered by it three or four times. Apparently, a drinking Molly has more interest in arcade games than fried dough. Sounds about right.

This time we made it though. I hear tell that Blue Star is more of a local favourite, but as I haven’t tried those, I have nothing to compare it to. All I know is the cruller brought me back to my childhood. It was melt in your mouth eggy perfection. None of that layer of grease on the roof of your mouth. So. Good. I’m not so into sugar, so this is a pretty big stamp of approval for me. In addition to the cruller, I also had a fruit loop covered hummingbird heart attack of a doughnut. It was delicious. Simple as that.

Jonathan ordered a bunch because he is a sweet tooth. It works out well that way; salty and sweet. I’ve never seen him have such a crush on some doughnuts. It was cute. We ordered a ton. Breakfast doughnuts are a thing.

Now. A word to the wise for all tourists. Yes, you’re going to want to go here. Even if the locals say there are better doughnuts, the atmosphere is great. It’s whimsical and weird inside. But note:

  • It’s 24-hours. Go at night. There’s no line. We’ve passed by it in the day and there’s probably an hour to two hour wait. No fun.
  • Cash only. They have an ATM inside but seriously, cash. They have t-shirts and lots of goodies besides the main attraction. Make sure you come flush.
  • Get. A. Drink. You’re eating sugary treats. While you don’t think of it at the time while you’re staring into the glowing display case of Heaven, you’re gonna want a drink. You’ll die otherwise. Ask me how I figured this out.

So there you have it. I finally got my doughnuts and it was just as good as I’d imagined. Next time I’ll hit up Blue Star and see what all the fuss is about. Until then, Voodoo reigns supreme among my tastebuds.

PDX2 (24 of 31)
See that chandelier all the way over there? It’s all melted and twisted. “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane started playing as soon as we walked in. I maintain that this is as close to Wonderland as you’re gonna get. Might as well “feed your head.”

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I kept my box because it’s too cute not to.

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