New Comic Book Day


It’s a smaller day for me and I’m super friggin’ grateful. Some of my series are wrapping up too. Always bittersweet; ultimately it saves me money but it’s the end. I always hold off on reading the last one for months. I just now read the last Limbo. I’m definitely doing a whole post for that comic. It is hands down one of my all-time favourite comics. Caspar Wijngaard is an artistic genius. Mmmf. So good.

But today! Yay! Today! New comics.

The second House of Penance. If you haven’t read the first one…go. Comixology. Comic stores. Go, go, go. I’ve always been fascinated by Sarah Winchester and her weird breakdown of sorts. The Winchester house is real and incredibly bizarre. No one really knows why either. Some say she was scared of the people killed by the Winchester rifle, others think it was the boredom of a wealthy lady. Either way, the comic puts both theories to shame. Like most Dark Horse comics, it’s dark. Very dark. Light some candles and get spooky with it.

I’ve been patiently awaiting the release of Penny Dreadful. I cannot get enough of that show so the comic has to be good. Right? I hope so. From what I understand it is a prequel of the events leading up to the first season of the show. I would love to know how Mina Harker got all mixed up in that vampiric cesspool. I really hope this is amazing.

Ok. So, I got the first Gwenpool because they had a Skottie Young variant cover that I couldn’t pass up. I like it though. It’s cute. Gwenpool is definitely every little girl’s dream of a superhero. I read some fairly heavy comics, so taking a break with this bubblegum pink girlie is fun.

Satellite Falling is my shot in the dark. The cover I featured up there is a variant and it just sorta spoke to me. I’m not huge on sci-fi but I’m hoping I like this one. A woman loses her family and then carries on as an intergalactic bounty hunter. The early hype surrounding the comic says that the artwork and story are phenomenal…so fingers crossed.

Others I’m excited for are Dejah Thoris (please look at that cover), New Romancer, and Reincarnation Man.

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