My Secret Garden


Before starting this blog, I was a photographer. I can, will, and often do take portraits, but there is something so cathartic in nature. People disappoint far more often than a flower or mountain ever will, and they require no direction. They just are. I’m not saying you can simply go out and snap pictures without a thought for f-stops or ISO settings, definitely not. It’s just wonderful to get lost in your camera without having anyone around save for a pretty little flower.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my health has been far from spectacular. In order to heal myself, I’ve retreated to my parents’ house where the flowers reign supreme. I have a few potted succulents and a spunky orchid, but I can’t even dream of comparing to the botanical heavyweights that are my parents. They’re the kind of people that mess with the acidity of soil to achieve a hydrangea in shocking hues. It’s impressive to say the least. I just graduated from killing cacti on a somewhat professional level, so I have a long way to go.




Growing up I remember all of my springs and summers were spent outside, because that’s where my parents always were. Outside in the garden. They didn’t stop at the merely beautiful either. I can attest to a homegrown cherry tomato tasting far superior to any store bought version. Plants. We dug ’em. While I didn’t take much of an interest at the time, I did like looking at flowers, and I certainly liked eating tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash grown in our front yard.

Now I’m old. Okay, okay. Older. I can keep plants alive with sheer willpower. My aforementioned orchid is a survivor and no one knows why. They’re notoriously temperamental, but he keeps right on blooming and growing. Maybe some of my parents’ magic rubbed off on me. The flowers noticed me hanging around them, so they decided I was a cool kid, too. Regardless of why, I am happy to spend my time amongst the flowers again.

In the coming weeks I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. My opinion on the “Pink Drink” from Starbuck’s Secret Menu, a review of a rather abysmal David Bowie tribute, and some vintage Chanel trousers. Even in my downtime, I’m a rather busy girl.

My parents are the gardeners, so I’m unsure of most of the flowers and plants I’ve posted on here. If you have any questions about where to get them, care, or species, don’t hesitate to ask. My mom would be more than thrilled to share her wisdom with a budding naturalist, and I’d be more than happy to help where I can.











(All photos taken by Molly Lemmons)

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