My Knees Are Shakin’

I’m an avid music festival goer. Bonnaroo got me for five consecutive years, but then the lineups stopped impressing me and the crowd got…bro-ier. I had to say goodbye to The ‘Roo, but Atlanta came along with one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. This year was no exception with Shaky Knees.

Luckily I just got a huge box of clothes from YesStyle so I’m all set. No feather fringe and shiny temporary tattoos for this girl. Here’s hoping I find my Nikon charger in time so I can take some decent photos.

Tame Impala, Shaky Knees, 2015 | I apologize for the cell phone pictures but my big bad camera is blacklisted inside the festival.

There’s a lot I’m excited for and a lot I’ve already seen. Most noteworthy would have to be the triumphant return of Bloc Party. I remember being borderline obsessed with that band in high school, and then they just kinda vanished for awhile. They have a new album that I sadly haven’t listened to at all. Whoops. I’ve cooled on them a lot over the years but I’m still pretty excited to see them for the first time.

Florence + The Machine. That’s it. I’ve seen her three or four times and she’s immaculate each time. Florence Welch really isn’t of this world. She’s some sort of tall fairy creature bent on sprinkling the world with her magic dust. I’ve been an enormous fan of hers since I first discovered her in i-D magazine back in 2008. I was doing my normal procrastination thing when I read about this wild redhead from England that was discovered in the bathroom of a club singing to herself. ‘Kiss With A Fist’ was my introduction and the rest was history.

The boys of Eagles of Death Metal have had a bit of a rough year what with the Paris attacks. That was a sad night for the world. They’ve bounced back in a huge way though. They’re new album is a dream. “I am from Silverlake and I am in cooooool band.”

I have seen The Black Angels more than any other band ever. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen them. How sad is that? Trippy acid rock from Austin, Texas is a guaranteed Molly pleaser though. I could listen to them forever.

Then of course The KillsThe Vaccines, and The Decemberists. Out of those the only one I haven’t seen is The Kills and Alison Mosshart is my messy haired angel.

Super pumped to lounge around in the grass and listen to some of my favourite musicians on the planet. Can’t make it? That’s too bad. Here’s a “mix tape” I made for you so it’s like you’re there with me. Next best thing, right?

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