Kiev Fashion Week

Well, why not? The smaller fashion weeks have a tendency to provide you with more basic ideas of fashion. As much as I love McQueen, Margiela, and Ackermann it isn’t for your average lady who’s elbow-deep in an avocado stand.

That’s me. I’m always elbow-deep in an avocado stand. Someday I’ll wax poetic about avocados for you but today is not that day.

More often than not I’m stomping around in a cocoon of comfort. When I saw these two collections from Kiev Fashion Week, I fell in love. Long sleeves, slouchy silhouettes, and a clear palette. How can you not appreciate something so straightforward?



Chakshyn – I love colour in the fall. Even if I tend to stay in blacks and greys, I love it. So the splashes of poppy with this faded periwinkle Picasso print have a lot of impact. It’s artsy without being in your face. The exaggerated sleeves kill me. Warm knuckles and fashion. I really want that sweater.


Jealousy РNow this is a colour palette more in my realm of thought. Greys and blacks that speak volumes. The use of texture in a shiny shearling bomber and the playful monogram keep the looks fun. Overall the simplicity rings true. Yet again with those sleeves. Who needs hands?

I admit that I’ve never looked at a fashion week from Kiev before but I’ll definitely be paying attention now.

(All runway photos via Vogue)

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