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Streetstyle Puffer Coat Jacket
via The Cool Hour

I’m starting something new for the blog, because my poor body is still recovering from my most recent Crohn’s attack. And we moved. And maybe I’ve been starting the search for a proper job. Maybe all of that is happening, so I just can’t play dress-up all day, every day. I can open your peepers to awesome images that I find inspiring.

There are so many great trends and styles out there that I can’t show you; too skinny, too broke, too blonde, too awkward, etc. This is where my brilliant idea comes into play! Twice a month I will put together a “best of the best” from my Pinterest and/or Tumblr; something easy for me, and informative for you. It also gives me the flexibility to showcase other trends that might not work on my complexion or body type.

So for my first jaunt into this new addition, I give you…The Puffer Jacket.

Georgia gets cold. Kinda. It gets a bit blustery, but nothing I’m going to write home about. (Unless you have ever been here during an ice storm, in which case the drivers are something you’d definitely want to write home about.) But lets get this brain train back on the tracks…PUFFER JACKETS. You don’t really need them down south, but they get a bad rap everywhere. You do not look like the Michelin Man or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You look like a girl who is warmer than anyone else. I adore them, and I have one or two smaller puffers, but I want a completely over-the-top one. Ya know? The ones that cost $6k that only Rihanna wears when she goes to the movies… That’s what I want.

I think our misconception with them stems from childhood. We had a puffer jacket that was layered over thermal underwear, a sweater, scarves, and snowpants if you were from the north. You couldn’t walk. There was this sort of waddle that you’d adopt. Not attractive. The entire ensemble was sealed with a threat from your mother; if you lost any of it, or caught a cold, horrible things would happen to your sleep schedule.

If you’re still unsure, there is one rule of thumb; the bigger the better. Play with proportions, and get weird with it. No one can fault you if you’re being outrageous on purpose.

Puffer Vest Style
via Collage Vintage
Puffer Coat Jacket Style
via Teen Vogue
Puffer Coat Jacket Style
via W Magazine
Rainbow Puffer Jacket Coat Style
via Vogue Spain
Stockholm Streetstyle Puffer Jacket Coat
via The Impression
Topshop Puffer Jacket Coat Style
via Topshop
Puffer Jacket Coat Style
via The New York Times
Gold Metallic Puffer Jacket Coat Style
via Urban Outfitters


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