I’m Addicted to Pokemon GO


I’ve been missing. Where have I been? Well. We have been moving into a larger apartment (my clothes need space), so that actually has been rather time consuming. Mostly, it’s Pokemon GO though. I spend hours wandering around in search of Pikachus and Charmanders. While reviews have been a rather mixed bag (nerds are catty AF), I really enjoy it.

When it initially launched it was pretty bad. Not the game itself, but Niantic’s servers. Hot damn. I’m sure their servers consisted of a garden gnome running on a hamster wheel. At least, that’s what it seemed like. A lot has improved though; it rarely crashes, stays pretty fast, and they’re constantly on top of bugs (bye-bye footprint radar). Most importantly, it’s bringing people together.

I am Team Mystic. It really is the best team, but I won’t judge you too harshly for siding with other teams. I’ll try anyway. With the choosing of a team, you’re practically inducted into a weird little family. People you’ve never seen before will hug you, cheer all your gym victories, and maybe even buy you a drink. This little phone game has ripped gamers and nerds off their couches, thrown them into the real world, and equipped them with a common interest for conversation. As a funny meme pointed outPokemon GO has done more for childhood obesity in one week, than Michelle Obama has done in eight years. It’s true. Even my vampiric little body has something akin to a tan.

While writing this I’ve caught; Staryu, Cubone, Bulbasaur, several Evees, 900 Pidgeys, and a Jigglypuff. One of my favourite coffee places is apparently a nest. I’ve also evolved my Staryu and an Evee (into a Jolteon). Unlike most flash-in-the-pan phone games, this one has enough things to keep you interested. Catching Pokemon is only a small part of the game. In fact, catching evolved Pokemon is actually less XP than evolving. It’s incredibly hard to let a Venusaur pass you by though, but if you have the will power, keep collecting those little Bulbasaurs to evolve him. Just evolved my Ekanssssssss!

 On top of catching and evolving…there is HATCHING. Easily the most frustrating aspect as far as I’m concerned. The eggs are hit or miss, and require 5-10KM of walking to hatch them. Not that I’m complaining about exercise, but I don’t like spending time hatching my 24074859th Ratata. It makes you cry inside. Regardless, there’s a lot to keep you entertained.

So…yeah. That’s where I’ve been. Excuse me, I have to evolve this Clefairy.

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