2016 Best Of: COMICS


2016 really kicked the popular notion of what comics are in the teeth; high fantasy, history, fashion bloggers, cat loving Cthulu-like aliens, feminists, and voodoo. I woke up one morning (afternoon, actually) in January, and demanded to be taken to the nearest comic book store. It’s mildly intimidating and not an overly welcoming community, but it was so worth it.

While this list is far from a complete list, these were the ones that really slapped me in the face. I know from talking to other people that the DC Rebirth comics really held their own, Bitch Planet slayed the masses, and Marvel made everyone fall in love with a little Squirrel Girl. I just didn’t happen to read any of those (although I do actually own Bitch Planet…it’s on the list).

So with that disclaimer, these are the best of the ones I have read…

I’m Addicted to Pokemon GO


I’ve been missing. Where have I been? Well. We have been moving into a larger apartment (my clothes need space), so that actually has been rather time consuming. Mostly, it’s Pokemon GO though. I spend hours wandering around in search of Pikachus and Charmanders. While reviews have been a rather mixed bag (nerds are catty AF), I really enjoy it.

When it initially launched it was pretty bad. Not the game itself, but Niantic’s servers. Hot damn. I’m sure their servers consisted of a garden gnome running on a hamster wheel. At least, that’s what it seemed like. A lot has improved though; it rarely crashes, stays pretty fast, and they’re constantly on top of bugs (bye-bye footprint radar). Most importantly, it’s bringing people together.

Sneak Peek With Lithium Press


We touched on my pin obsession before, so I was obviously thrilled when my boyfriend decided to launch Lithium Press. I even get to help because I’m a treasure trove of completely bonkers ideas! Oh boy, oh boy. If that’s not enough for ya, how about a Mollociraptor x Lithium Press collaboration…

The Triumphant Return of Tank Girl

Tank Girl Comic Book Release

Tank Girl, the obsession of every bad little girl from the 80s and 90s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go educate yourself immediately before I revoke your “cool girl” card! Go grab the first book (or the whole shabam) and get acquainted with Lori Petty’s perfect movie version. Thank me later.