Inspired: Puffer Jacket

Streetstyle Puffer Coat Jacket
via The Cool Hour

I’m starting something new for the blog, because my poor body is still recovering from my most recent Crohn’s attack. And we moved. And maybe I’ve been starting the search for a proper job. Maybe all of that is happening, so I just can’t play dress-up all day, every day. I can open your peepers to awesome images that I find inspiring.

There are so many great trends and styles out there that I can’t show you; too skinny, too broke, too blonde, too awkward, etc. This is where my brilliant idea comes into play! Twice a month I will put together a “best of the best” from my Pinterest and/or Tumblr; something easy for me, and informative for you. It also gives me the flexibility to showcase other trends that might not work on my complexion or body type.

So for my first jaunt into this new addition, I give you…The Puffer Jacket.

Blending By Betty


I am a rabidly huge supporter of small businesses. Ironic coming from Starbucks’ number one fan, eh? Regardless of my vividly pink drink preferences, I adore artists from Etsy, Society 6, and beyond. So, when Blending By Betty reached out to me, I was over the moon ecstatic. Here’s an amazingly talented lady with an aesthetic that perfectly aligns with my own. And she’s willing to take a chance on teaming up with a new blog? Done and done.