Inspired: Puffer Jacket

Streetstyle Puffer Coat Jacket
via The Cool Hour

I’m starting something new for the blog, because my poor body is still recovering from my most recent Crohn’s attack. And we moved. And maybe I’ve been starting the search for a proper job. Maybe all of that is happening, so I just can’t play dress-up all day, every day. I can open your peepers to awesome images that I find inspiring.

There are so many great trends and styles out there that I can’t show you; too skinny, too broke, too blonde, too awkward, etc. This is where my brilliant idea comes into play! Twice a month I will put together a “best of the best” from my Pinterest and/or Tumblr; something easy for me, and informative for you. It also gives me the flexibility to showcase other trends that might not work on my complexion or body type.

So for my first jaunt into this new addition, I give you…The Puffer Jacket.

Desert Tripping

Keith Richards in Joshua Tree, 1969.

In a week my bony ass will be situated in a tent at Desert Trip; communing with the stars, grooving to the music, and making friends with a bajillion baby-boomers. I read somewhere that the average age of the performers at Desert Trip is 70. My time to shine is now.

Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, The Who, Roger Waters, and Neil Young…I grew up on all of them. I’ve seen all of them except The Who, but this is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With all of the celebrity deaths this year, I was terrified that one of them was going to drop dead before it all happened. Looks like everyone stayed alive (myself included), and I couldn’t be more excited.

Diving headfirst into a weekend of music I love is treat enough, but heading to my family’s neck of the woods is even better. I’m the only east coast weirdo, and that was a complete accident that sadly stuck. Everyone else called Colorado to California home, and I’ve just lived vicariously through stories. As it is, I’ve never felt right in Atlanta. There’s a slowness and clarity to everything out there that sings to me (Hollywood social climbing aside). Not like the syrupy slowness of the deep south, it unnerves me and puts a pit in my stomach. It’s weird to explain, but when you know you don’t belong…you know it.

It’s Vintage Baby

Hat; Vintage | Dress; Vintage | Boots; Dr. Martens | Purse; Andrew Marc

Do you ever wake up in the morning wishing you could be Pattie Boyd or Anna Karina? I do all the time. They were so chic. This dress gives me vibes from both ladies. It’s from a vintage brand called Thoroughly Modern and they thoroughly are just that. Serious mod flashback. I feel a little too girly in it so I creep it up a bit with some Dr. Martens. Need some armor or I’ll be too “sweet” and I hate that.

I feel like Pattie Boyd and Anna Karina would approve. Now if they could just help me with my winged eyeliner that’d be great…


Inspiration: Michael Economy

Anna Sui was probably the reason I ever started paying attention to fashion. I found her thanks to this really weird book called Life is a Movie Starring You: The Pesky Meddling Girls Guide to Living Your DreamIt’s a really great book. I wholeheartedly recommend it, especially for younger girls. Lots of throwback fun. Being a pesky meddling girl is the most fun you will ever have. ANYWAY! Yeah. Anna Sui was tucked away inside this book and so was the art of Michael Economy.

I wrote about the Mary Katrantzou show a few posts back and noticed a lot of details that reminded me of old-school Sui illustration and branding. Most of which was done by Michael Economy. In doing that I discovered a bit about him; he graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta, designed the Anna Sui Dolly Girl look, did branding for the 90s most danceable band Deee-Lite, and created literally everything cool in the world.

This weird little trip down memory lane makes me want to wear platform sneakers, throw on a tattoo choker, step out in my neon green mesh shirt, and wiggle to the wee hours. The 90s were beautiful and weird.

PFW: Saint Laurent

I am painfully in love with Hedi Slimane. Always have been and I always will be. It speaks volumes about his skill that even Karl Lagerfeld fangirls over him. I’ve been on the edge of my seat with all the talk that he’s stepping down from Saint Laurent. He’s brought back the edgy glam of YSL’s 70s and 80s collections. Everyone’s been squawking about it not being ladylike but Yves invented Le Smoking…the most deliciously gender bending wardrobe edition EVER. So, in my mind, Slimane is perfect with all his glam badassery.

This collection was giving me some serious Rosie Perez on Soul Train vibes. Especially in those tiny little dresses. I can just picture Rosie gyrating and thrusting in those. Imagine it with me.

But really. Amazing. I’m personally sick of the tacky Molly Ringwald version of the 80s. There’s so much more to the 80s than what the hipsters of the world lead you to believe. There was glamour, dancing, sequins, and copious amounts of cocaine. There was Helmut Newton. If it was his last show, it was a great farewell. Especially with that heart-shaped coat that was part Looney Toon’s Gossamer and part Lady Gaga über glam. Loved it but fingers crossed that Hedi stays or I’ll scream furiously.