What’s a Mollociraptor?

About Writer Photographer Mollociraptor

Mollociraptor is actually a Molly who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. For now. I’ve jumped from hobby to hobby and passion to passion, but fashion has remained my constant obsession. Early on in life I knew that style was my main form of expression and self defense. It’s my canvas and my armor. It defines who I am each day.

I have worked as a photographer, social media manager, and merchandiser. My entire professional life is rooted in fashion. However! When I’m not thumbing through Japanese fashion magazines and whispering sweet nothings to my Givenchy clutches, I’m on the floor digging in boxes at comic book stores around the country. I have never been a one-trick pony. Far from it. My interests are as diverse as my shoe collection.

This blog was a pipe dream years in the making. I have launched successful blogs for several companies but was always a little wary of having one of my own. There was no satisfaction in working on the dreams of others though, especially when I was packed full of my own ideas. In 2016, with the help of my tech wiz boyfriend, my plans for world domination came to fruition. Mollociraptor is more than just a fashion blog. It seamlessly (hopefully) combines nerd culture, high fashion, good food, travel, and glam rock into a one-stop experience. Let’s see where it takes me. Come with me?

Light and Love,