A Baby Ghost In the Rain


I have a tendency to err on the side of goth. That’s no secret. Even when I’m dressed like a rainbow, my quietness and permanent scowl tend to give off a darker vibe. Finding new ways to up the gothic ante is always fun, especially with Lazy Oaf.


Lazy Oaf is an brand out of the UK that excels at really silly collections, and even sillier collaborations (Looney Toons and Garfield for instance). Last year they hooked up with Casper the Friendly Ghost, and I completely lost my mind. When I found this shirt I loved the blank, white minimalism with just Casper’s face popping out. I was a little unsure about the cut. I don’t like voluminous ruffles of any kind. It hung in my closet for months while I pondered an outfit. Definitely paired with black. Something very slim and lengthening on the bottom. But what? Luckily, YesStyle came along with my latest obsession – wispy harem pant leggings. Problem solved, an outfit was born.

So, this is my newest interpretation of “goth” style. In my opinion, goth doesn’t have to be all black. To me it’s more of an attitude, the cut of the clothing, and an overall style. There is a very big difference between a high school mall goth, and someone with an actual grasp on the darker side of fashion. I promise you that I could make a hot pink Lacoste polo look goth. I’ll have to show you someday.


Casper the Friendly Ghost Ruffled Swing Shirt; Lazy Oaf | F*** the Rain Umbrella; Art Lebedev | Black Sheer Harem Pants; YesStyle | Black Leather Buckled Creepers; T.U.K.

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