Comic Books and Chill

This whole ‘Netflix & Chill’ thing irks me. What if I actually want to chill? Will Netflix forever be a prelude to something…else? What if I told you that there is a world of chilling that involves nothing more than your oil-free thumb, the ability to read, and a love of leotards? There is.

More girls should like comic books. They’re fun to read and sometimes beautifully inspiring to look at. I’ve always been an avid reader of mildly intimidating tomes. I kind of shrugged off comics as fuel for big budget summer blockbusters. WRONG! There is so much more to comics than superheroes. They can be sad, fantastical, empowering, or even infuriating. Just like a real book, they put you through a whole gamut of emotions.

Now about those leotards. They’re great to wear to achieve that “perfectly tucked shirt” look but what about for wearing less and staying in more? The preferred garb of superheroes the world over is the new secret weapon and comfy to boot. Whether you’re queen of your own personal snuggle palace or being a saucy vixen, they’ve got you covered. (Even Kanye couldn’t resist their cool in the new Yeezy collection. But that’s a post for another day.)

1. Alix Heather Essex Bodysuit; $98 | 2. Lonely Ink Lulu; $82 | 3. Samantha Pleet Wonderland Turtleneck Bodysuit; $159 | 4. Alix Black Horatio Bodysuit; $145 | 5. Baserange Black Mississippi; $103

Now for my suggested comic book pairings.

Would You Like a Cup of Chai With That Comic?

Mukesh Singh’s artwork for Grant Morrison’s 18 Days

I haven’t been in the comic book groove for very long. I literally woke up and asked to visit the local comic book shop. End of story. No idea why. It was like I had an epiphany in a dream. Some nerdy deity shook some sense into me, I had a vision, and the rest is history.

DC, Marvel, and other typical superheroes aren’t my cup of tea. They bore me. Not sure why as I love, love, love the movies. In comic books I tend to steer clear though. It might have something to do with the fact that they’re franchises with histories, snobs, and an entire mythos built around them. It’s intimidating to just jump in all willy-nilly. Enter Graphic India.

Abhishek Singh’s artwork for Ramayan 3392 AD