NYFW: Gary Graham


I have been an enormous fan of Gary Graham since the first time I¬†encountered his beautiful work. It’s like it was custom made for the weird girls marching to the beat of their own drums. The layering. The textiles. This ethereal gothic beauty present in absolutely every single collection proves that gothic goes way beyond just wearing black. It’s romantic in the sense that Lord Byron is romantic; beautiful prose but also with this element of darkness. It’s flawless.

His new collection is no different. Weird girl chic at it’s finest. Romani. Gothic. Occult. Dreamy. Nomadic. Witchy. Priestess. Goddess. Romantic. Perfection.





(Photos via Vogue)

Kiev Fashion Week

Well, why not? The smaller fashion weeks have a tendency to provide you with more basic ideas of fashion. As much as I love McQueen, Margiela, and Ackermann it isn’t for your average lady who’s elbow-deep in an avocado stand.

That’s me. I’m always elbow-deep in an avocado stand. Someday I’ll wax poetic about avocados for you but today is not that day.

More often than not I’m stomping around in a cocoon of comfort. When I saw these two collections from Kiev Fashion Week, I fell in love. Long sleeves, slouchy silhouettes, and a clear palette. How can you not appreciate something so straightforward?



Chakshyn – I love colour in the fall. Even if I tend to stay in blacks and greys, I love it. So the splashes of poppy with this faded periwinkle Picasso print have a lot of impact. It’s artsy without being in your face. The exaggerated sleeves kill me. Warm knuckles and fashion. I really want that sweater.


Jealousy РNow this is a colour palette more in my realm of thought. Greys and blacks that speak volumes. The use of texture in a shiny shearling bomber and the playful monogram keep the looks fun. Overall the simplicity rings true. Yet again with those sleeves. Who needs hands?

I admit that I’ve never looked at a fashion week from Kiev before but I’ll definitely be paying attention now.

(All runway photos via Vogue)