Blending By Betty


I am a rabidly huge supporter of small businesses. Ironic coming from Starbucks’ number one fan, eh? Regardless of my vividly pink drink preferences, I adore artists from Etsy, Society 6, and beyond. So, when Blending By Betty reached out to me, I was over the moon ecstatic. Here’s an amazingly talented lady with an aesthetic that perfectly aligns with my own. And she’s willing to take a chance on teaming up with a new blog? Done and done.

Sneak Peek With Lithium Press


We touched on my pin obsession before, so I was obviously thrilled when my boyfriend decided to launch Lithium Press. I even get to help because I’m a treasure trove of completely bonkers ideas! Oh boy, oh boy. If that’s not enough for ya, how about a Mollociraptor x Lithium Press collaboration…

Pin Game Strong

Goth Mermaid; Robin Eisenberg | Patsy Stone; Laissez Flaire | Vampire Pizza; Gimme Flair | Cactus & Teepee; Valley Cruise Press | Go Away! I’m Reading; Literary Emporium

Have you fallen for enamel pins as hard as I have? They are everywhere and there’s friggin’ millions of them. I don’t have a bank account that can support this addiction. I thought I did but numerous $25 orders add up even if you think they don’t. So now, I’m broke but my jackets look like a million bucks. Whoops.

My boyfriend and I are so addicted that he’s starting a press (like everyone else it seems) because there were pins we wanted that didn’t exist. Quick fix? Start a business and get to imagining. Later this month Lithium Press will be available to the masses. Will a Lithium x Mollociraptor collaboration be in the works? You bet your eyebrows it will. Heehee. More about that at a later date though.

For today…lets look at some of my favourite pin companies and a selection of my collection. Selection of my collection. Teehee. I rhymed.