Inspiration: Michael Economy

Anna Sui was probably the reason I ever started paying attention to fashion. I found her thanks to this really weird book called Life is a Movie Starring You: The Pesky Meddling Girls Guide to Living Your DreamIt’s a really great book. I wholeheartedly recommend it, especially for younger girls. Lots of throwback fun. Being a pesky meddling girl is the most fun you will ever have. ANYWAY! Yeah. Anna Sui was tucked away inside this book and so was the art of Michael Economy.

I wrote about the Mary Katrantzou show a few posts back and noticed a lot of details that reminded me of old-school Sui illustration and branding. Most of which was done by Michael Economy. In doing that I discovered a bit about him; he graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta, designed the Anna Sui Dolly Girl look, did branding for the 90s most danceable band Deee-Lite, and created literally everything cool in the world.

This weird little trip down memory lane makes me want to wear platform sneakers, throw on a tattoo choker, step out in my neon green mesh shirt, and wiggle to the wee hours. The 90s were beautiful and weird.

Inspiration: Vania Zouravliov

vania zouravliov29

I don’t excel at drawing and painting. It frustrates me. All these ideas float around in my head. I basically am a giant walking cartoon. I can’t do it though. It’ll come out looking like a radioactive blob, which is great…if that’s what you’re going for and I rarely am. One person that makes me particularly green with envy is Vania Zouravliov.

Not a lot is known about this artist. Hell, up until a couple moments ago I was under the impression that Vania was a female. Wrong. He’s a Russian-born dude that lives in London. Go figure. Clearly a man that likes his privacy. His art has a macabre femininity to it, so I feel like I can’t be the only one expecting a girl.

My confusion aside, the art is superb. It has this manic grittiness but also the delicacy of lace woven by anemic spiders (that was the most delicate thing I could think of). Sometimes it makes me want to dress in leather and metal. Other times I want to sit in a wingback chair sipping tea, pretending to be a Dickensian wraith. It swings both ways and that duality really appeals to me.

vania zouravliov14