LFW: Mary Katrantzou


Carousels. Ballerinas. Butterflies. Cowgirls. Oh my.

I literally cannot get enough of this collection. I’m also noticing a butterfly trend? Do I like that? It might be growing on me. Do I like that it’s growing on me? I’m not really sure. Emotions, I have them. It is like a childhood dream come true and stuck on a shirt dress. All of the imagery kind of reminded me of Lisa Grue and Michael Economy’s illustrations for Anna Sui, which I can really get down with.


If this entire show could be turned into a glamorously whimsical colouring book for adults, I’d be so happy. I’m over the moon right now. I want to break out my Breyer horses, Sky Dancers, tulle tutus, and cover it all in glitter. Ah. Yes. Bliss.

Grammy Awards 2016

Some people won, some people lost. I don’t really watch it for the awards because people I like rarely win. I feel like Ozzy Osbourne in that one commercial when he asks, “What’s a Bieber.” I don’t know, Ozzy. I don’t know.

Lady Gaga was doing a tribute to David Bowie though and I wasn’t going to miss that. Especially when the photos started making their rounds on Twitter. Goodbye X-Files and Lucifer, hello commercialized awards show. The things I do for glam rock.

The tribute has been met with some heavily mixed reviews. I personally thought it was decent. Not my favourite thing ever but also not awful. It sadly was a glorified advertisement for Intel, which was definitely a slap in the face of Bowie and his family (Duncan Jones had some things to say…). Gaga’s white suit (Marc Jacobs) was compared to Vegas era Elvis. I can see that. I also saw a little of Angie Bowie. The close-ups showed embroidery depicting various images spanning Bowie’s career. The performance had some of Bowie’s own team behind it with Nile Rogers on guitar and Kansai Yamamoto collaborating with Gaga on a tearaway cape. At the end of the day it was the work of a fan, which Gaga is.

There were of course other people there. In fact, Alice Cooper was there! That made me rather giddy. He still looks like the baddest Satan-worshipping vampire of all time. His new supergroup band, Hollywood Vampires, did a little tribute (there were a lot of those this year) to Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead. Amazing. Any one of those old gents could have drank the entire audience of the Grammys under the table.

Nothing terribly impressive going on fashion-wise. It should go as no surprise that my favourite ladies were all sporting pieces from fashion’s powerhouses. Thumbs-up to the top 5, in no order.

Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier | Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs | Florence Welch in Gucci | Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace | Lianne La Havas in Vivienne Westwood

An Adorned Witch

I am probably completely alone in saying I don’t really care for Beyoncé but I don’t. I’ve never really cared for her music, style, or personality. It is undeniable that she is taking over the world though. Even me in my glam rock bubble notices her from time to time. I notice girls emulating her style and worshipping the ground she walks on.

I haven’t watched the video for Formation and it’s not on the top of my to-do list but this screencap has been bombarding me from every angle. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Everywhere. The stacked silver. Witchy goth style. Those Wednesday Addams braids. Where have I seen that before? Oh! The streets of the fashion meccas. Or on the crazy voguing lovers, Aya + Bambi. Haven’t seen their viral videos? Check them out here and here.

Monochrome style that’s heavily accessorized with jewels, it’s speaks volumes. Is it easy? Not quite. If you don’t edit perfectly, it will look busy and unpolished. The modern black magic witch wants to look macabre not sloppy. Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy accomplishes it flawlessly (it’s not like Beyoncé is dressing herself after all). Year after year he shows the world that it’s okay to be a little evil with collections fit for a dark goddess of the night. It’s fun to be a villain.

This brand of goth really does require a monochromatic canvas. Some branches are only for the bravest warriors (like Gaga or Daphne Guinness). The heavy adornment can drown a person. Literally, that stuff is heavy. To me…there should be two tones to an outfit like this: white, black, or grey fabric and then one specific metal. At least for full impact. Fashion is always up to the individual though, and I don’t believe in rules.

My favourite store for this is definitely Child of Wild. They march to the beat of their own drum. This company researches and respects every single piece they sell. Instead of appropriating the cultures behind the heavy metal like so many big brand names, they keep it very true to the roots crediting the culture behind each piece. No simple “tribal” titles here. A very cool company with a very positive message. It’s what the witches want.

1. The Boleyn Necklace; $68 | 2. The Duchess Choker; $58 | 3. The Moon Dweller Indian Necklace; $54 | 4. Izmir Necklace; $88 | 5. The Sultan Choker; $58 | 6. The Shielded Tribes Necklace; $76 | 7. The Hendrix Stack Necklace; $169.20 | 8. Ankara Necklace; $78

Inspiration: Vania Zouravliov

vania zouravliov29

I don’t excel at drawing and painting. It frustrates me. All these ideas float around in my head. I basically am a giant walking cartoon. I can’t do it though. It’ll come out looking like a radioactive blob, which is great…if that’s what you’re going for and I rarely am. One person that makes me particularly green with envy is Vania Zouravliov.

Not a lot is known about this artist. Hell, up until a couple moments ago I was under the impression that Vania was a female. Wrong. He’s a Russian-born dude that lives in London. Go figure. Clearly a man that likes his privacy. His art has a macabre femininity to it, so I feel like I can’t be the only one expecting a girl.

My confusion aside, the art is superb. It has this manic grittiness but also the delicacy of lace woven by anemic spiders (that was the most delicate thing I could think of). Sometimes it makes me want to dress in leather and metal. Other times I want to sit in a wingback chair sipping tea, pretending to be a Dickensian wraith. It swings both ways and that duality really appeals to me.

vania zouravliov14