Helena Bonham Carter: A Rare Bloom


Normally movie stars do not impress me, especially in the realm of fashion. They are the product of stylists, makeup artists, and teams of people plotting their every move. It makes me yawn. Express yourself by yourself. Helena Bonham Carter is one of the rare exceptions. She is the last English Rose of her kind; a real gothic beauty. When you see her it is usually in one of two modes; crazy cat lady with wild hair, or creepy Dickensian queen of all that is macabre. This editorial definitely falls into the latter category.

Her’s is a brand of ladylike primness that even I can get behind. It’s darker, weirder, and a tad bit scary. She never quite left the Marla Singer character behind because it was her. It’s like she’s a product of every part she’s ever played; corpse bride, pie-baking murderess, psychopathic witch, and of course, the real-life Miss Havisham.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


The “F*** the Rain Umbrella” is from Art Lebedev Studio. The price might seem steep, but the ones on Amazon aren’t real and will break. Plus, you’re becoming a patron of the arts, sweetie-darling.

There’s been a couple dreary days in Atlanta this week. Any excuse to bring out the best umbrella in the world. I’m glow-in-the-dark pale, so I guess I should just bring it out whenever to save my fair complexion. While I love rainy days (I’m moving to Portland for this reason), this bumpershoot tells Mother Nature exactly what you think of her. Take that! …Then lightning strikes you dead where you stand, and Mother Nature has the last laugh. Always.

Sadly, I’ve been busy putting a sick boyfriend back together. It’s tough work being the worst nurse ever. Chicken noodle soup? Nah, Taco Bell will fix you up just fine. Go to a doctor? How about some amoxicillin for fish instead? I’m awful but I digress. With the exception of a few short jaunts out in the world, I’ve been napping and binging Netflix. Thus this eloquently pointless post.

You’ll notice that I’m wearing ruffles (unusual) and odd leggings (not unusual) in the photo. That means there will be a more extensive style post later in the week. I also have a sneak peek of my pin collaboration with Lithium Press coming up. Let’s rock n’ roll.

I’m about to try brunch at this fairly new place in Inman Park, Bread & Butterfly. They apparently have a strawberry granola bowl that will put a smile on my face. I will report back with details.

The Triumphant Return of Tank Girl

Tank Girl Comic Book Release

Tank Girl, the obsession of every bad little girl from the 80s and 90s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go educate yourself immediately before I revoke your “cool girl” card! Go grab the first book (or the whole shabam) and get acquainted with Lori Petty’s perfect movie version. Thank me later.